Jul. 13th, 2011

Spent a few hours today "packing". By which I mean that I took all of the things out of half a dozen boxes and then organised them in stacks on the floor. Which is, like, the first step at least. Got my books sorted into a "keep" pile and a "don't keep" pile. Almost exactly 20% of them wound up in the "keep" pile, which I'm happy with.

And I'm very happy to have found a notepad I was searching for months ago. As well as the notes I was looking for, it contains a couple of poems I'd entirely forgotten writing. Both from first year lectures, first year maths I am guessing.

First a limerick:

"The limit as x nears to seven"
We did this stuff in year eleven!
It bores me to hell,
I don't take this well,
it's more fun to find rhymes like

And then what was maybe meant to be a sonnet, but it works like this:

It seems to me that if my chem and maths
curriculums did what they advertised
I would be spending more time making graphs
than making rhymes. I should not be surprised.
They said this knowledge they'd assume we knew
and yet I have to sit through it again;
I guess there are some people who are new.
But me? This is the best use of my pen.



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