May. 14th, 2010 10:23 pm
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A while back I posted the first draft for an essay. While a sonnet was far less than the required three thousand words, the essay I ended up handing in... well, I didn't end up taking it more seriously than that. Still, I scored 90% somehow for my Frankenstein themed dialogue.

Not all lecturers are cool enough as to provide such marks, alas.

I recently found a sonnet and a half I wrote back in Autumn of last year (2009) complaining about a lecturer or two. Finished the second and here they are.

What is the point of this supposed to be
the model that you showed us was no good;
the model that we'll use we didn't see,
nor would we understand it if we could.
There is no need to explain everything
just give the information that we need.
Or at the least tell us what this will bring,
its relevance, tell us which bits to heed.
And what is with these notes? It seems so strange -
to distribute printouts is strange enough -
of letter cases we have quite the range:
this 'all caps' business on the eyes is rough.
Does he do this because he is a fool
or 'cause caps lock is cruise control for cool?

- 5/3/9

Another lecturer. It seems that he
too thinks it's fine to give us notes in caps.
God! What is wrong with them? Why can't they see?
I wonder where they educate these chaps.
I bet they don't learn anything at all
of how to teach. This one at least had a
different manner. But then, I think a wall
would better notice sleeping students! No way
Would I tolerate such. Though quiet, he
still has a chance yet of controlling this
room full of unattentive folk. No, we
will not listen except to take the piss.
But I must grant the piss-taking is fun;
Accents like this are so rarely outdone.



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